Our Solutions

To ensure the success of your business idea, we can provide you inspiration, creativity and result.


With our experiences we had from our talented team and UniversCode’s unique clients, we are here to plan and discuss to grow your business. Brainstorming, a time space between you and us, will be a initial point of our adventure which will help us to plan our strategies and discuss about possible opportunities we will reach. SEO is trend topic for our consultancy, smaller amount of time than your expectations will be enough to change your game.

Our team will be focus on the cake of whole business of yours, we will set our greater goal together and then effort will be on choosing the right product with your needs. Business Analysts of our team will provide variety of options to make your brand spectacular, we are here to make your brand personalized and unforgettable for clients.

Business plan is our one of the most attractive, unique talent. Competitor analysis starts a list of your competitors and then it grows like a tree with the results of our deep researches about them, their history, wrong investment decisions, and their growth reasons. Result of tree will give you another perspective about whole business of yours and will help us to grow our slice from that cake.

Development of products and services in line with the needs and expectations of consumers.


We are developing creative, personalized and user-friendly websites. Needs of your business is our kick-starter and depending on those needs we will choose the base platform to develop with you between variety options such as WordPress, OpenCard, Magento, Shopify. With those platforms we can provide solutions for business page, blog, feed news of yours, e-commerce, virtual marketplace, event, appointment, reservation, social networks. Otherwise, if you do not get satisfied with pros and cons we can develop without using any base development platforms from the scratch with weekly meetings on your desire.

If your wish is having a mobile app for your business, we are here with many different solutions to fit your need.

Automation is the globe issue and will save your time and money without mistake. Stepping up to the automated business for your environment is possible for us with developing desktop, web and social applications. Accounting, payment gateways and customer relations are already have multiple solutions on our side to support you.

If your need is developing a business or product page on your social media, we are supporting you with content creation, header and profile images,
practices in the page and event creation.

Our expert content writing team who has international reputation will provide personalized content wording and our digital artists will be help on your with video contents development.

Recently, fastest and easiest way to present yourself and your brand is simplified with videos. We are here to support you to develop introductory videos and animations or sneak peek.

Thumbnail has really crucial role on your sales, having savory images will be our goal. For supporting that goal, we will create your brand new catalog, portrait, product, space, food and beverage, corporate photography, architecture, advertisement photography.

We will discuss about presenting better your corporation and product with alternative ways of having new logo, font, flier, sign. From the scratch we are here to help improve everything about your business.


Finding a word which is key for your business and service on finding from your client, is our initial point for your SEO development. That development will be a result for your consultancy, in site optimization and strategy works.

Server maintenance, updates, security check, security upgrade and backup services provided by us.

With social media and its channels, we are helping you to find right communication ground with periodic strategies, right visuals for brand and your product and content creation.

Business Analytic converts raw data into information that can be used for making the right decision. In order to have true information and make the right decision, a targeted team with a specialty in BA is essential for both project management and development.

Nowadays, the importance of the data is getting higher with increasing size of owned data. It is getting important to obtain information from this data and to get reports helping make strategic decisions. As UniversCode, we provide you; to get the right answers to your questions, supply you reports with the data you have in terms of clarity and rich visuals to create an environment that will allow you to make correct analysis. Our expert team is ready to help you for your industry and your company to provide you with the most accurate analysis and reporting solutions.

Data warehouse solutions are quite important analytical considerations for taking strategic decisions, to understand the corporate issues that you want to know in a right way and getting consistent reports and analysis. It is also very important that the data warehouse is prepared by experts in their fields to get the right results. Depending on the right analyzed company needs and metrics according to its industry, the ideal structure that logical and physical models are implemented accordingly from start to finish through a consistent work ensures complete and satisfactory results. As UniversCode,  we are ready to present our experience and the right solution that is most suitable for the structure of your company in the light of information gained from our industry knowledge. Let us offer you the analysis environment to achieve the results that you need and that will store historical data from different data sources, and allow you to recieve right reports in a way of high-performance and also help  you get the right decisions from the knowledge obtained from your data.   Right results are possible with the right answers. We are ready to provide you with the most correct answers to your questions.

Dimensional Analysis & Modelling

Datawarehouse & DataMart Design

ETL Development

Analysis and analytic reports always best way to show our history in details and help to plan our future, our reporting service will provide you best analytic reports.