Unique by Nature

We provide consultancy, customer analysis  for Inspiration. We created responsive web site with shopify infrastructure for Unique By Nature brand. We provided digital advertisementhosting services, reporting and search engine optimisation.

About Unique By Nature

UNIQUEBYNATURE is a Social Entreprise, established at the end of 2013.

According to the results of several researchs, in US  % 80 of the key purchasing decisions are being made by the women.  However, women have been getting a small portion from this richness, especially in the third World countries the number of companies owned by women are very small as percentage. And, when we look at the property ownership we’ve seen the same picture also.

Women are producing,shopping, creating the wellness, values, however they  do not share these values equally.

On the other side, if we could increase the number of women in business life even % 10, this would make a big difference on the wellness and wealth of the World economy.

We decided to establish a sustainable worldwide social business model to empower the women entrepreneurship.